Why choose us to manufacture your silicone rubber parts?

Located in Shenzhen, China, Seehope has been manufacturing silicone products since 2008. Main product including electronic components, mobile parts, mechanical parts, sporting parts, medical parts, industrial rubber feet, etc.

RoHS, REACH, FDA, UL fire rating certified silicone products and parts with silicone compression molding technologies. Vacuum compression molding to produce silicone gasket, seal, grommet, silicone keypad or a small amount of silicone products, etc.

Seehope has been offering in-house high-quality silicone products and parts, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, Seehope ensures each customer’s demands are met.


  • RoHS compliant.
  • FDA / LMBG / DGCCRF approved.
  • Available in any Pantone,RAL and customized color.
  • Suitable for continuous operation at temperature from -40° F (-40°C) to 428 °F (220°C). Depending on the application, we are able to produce silicone rubber parts that can operate at temperatures up to 570°F (300°C).


  • Gaskets & o-ring
  • Rubber grommet
  • Oil seals
  • Rubber foot
  • Buffers and bumpers
  • Line sockets / washers
  • Rubber rollers
  • Metal-bonded rubber parts
  • Back adhesived rubber part
  • Other custom silicone rubber parts
silicone rubber usb cover
Silicone USB Cover
silicone rubber seal gasket
Silicone Rubber Seal
adhesive backed silicone rubber foot
Rubber Mat With Back Adhesive
self adhesive silicon rubber foot
Rubber Foot With Back Adhesive
silicone rubber plug
Silicone Rubber Plug
Silicone Rubber O-Ring
Silicone Rubber O-Ring