The Benefits And Features Of Silicone Material

Silicone is one of the most commonly used materials in the world. It’s preferred for a wide range of products spanning countless applications and industries. From personal care products and sports equipment to baby toys and pet products, silicone is used in nearly everything. Why? That’s a great question! Here are some of the primary reasons so many businesses use silicone products and why you should too!


When manufactured correctly and sourced from reputable places, silicone has the safety standards necessary to be used in a wide range of food-grade products. This is why silicone is commonly used in baby products, kitchenware, toys, and pet products – just to name a few.


Silicone has a characteristic rubber-like structure that allows it to be contorted, twisted, and stretched without compromising its shape. This elasticity makes silicone stand out when compared to other products that would crumble or break in such use.


This dynamic and long-lasting material has the ability to maintain its shape and performance even through rough and routine use. It’s tear, water, slip, and heat-resistant, making it the perfect material for regularly-used products.


Silicone is highly economic compared to other more expensive materials. Businesses with various budget parameters can all produce silicone products on a mass scale without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

silicone material

Silicone Compression Molding Processes

material selection

Step 1. Material Selection

The most suitable raw material is selected according to the use and customer’s requirements.
mixing silicone material

Step 2. Mixing Material

Mixing silicone raw material based on product hardness and color formulation.
cutting material

Step 3. Cutting Material

Cutting material to strips or blocks according to specifications of the product.
material set-up

Step 4. Material Set-up

Placing cutted material into each cavitity in the mold,this process should be quick to prevent the mold temperature from dropping too much.

Step 5. Vulcanization

The mold enters the platform and then begins to vulcanize through high temperature and pressure.

Step 6. Demolding

After reaching the set vulcanization time, the mold will come out automatically, and then take out the product.

Watch Molding Process Video

With this video, you can see a complete silicone compression molding process, please click here or image below to watch.
silicone compression molding hot pressed process

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