Silicone Products Manufacturing Specialists Since 2008

Seehope has been manufacturing silicone products since 2008. We combine the expertise of a large company with the fast-moving, nimble capabilities of a smaller firm, meaning we can pivot quickly to meet your evolving needs.

Our newly expanded capabilities include a new warehouse and a team dedicated solely to labeling, packaging, and logistics – and geared toward meeting your needs with high-quality silicone products as quickly and as accurately as possible.

From raw materials to finished products, we look forward to serving your needs today and for years to come.

1. Design support

The first step of our personalized silicone product manufacturing method sees our team meet with you to discuss your specific needs. Based on this information, will help you create a functional design it will reach your goals and satisfy the end-user. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, we take the time to personally assist each client during the design phase. As the first step in the production process coming out of the design stage is highly impactful on the quality of the final product. Our highly skilled team will help your business create a solid foundation upon which your desired product can be made.

2. Mold making

Once we have an ideal design, we can begin the mold-making phase. This is when we transform a design concept into the mold necessary to create it at a wholesale level. The quality and specificity of the mold will determine the quality of every single product that’s produced. We create the most advanced, specialized, and personalized molds on the market. This ensures our clients receive the final silicon product they need to reach their goals. Well, some manufacturing companies need months to finish their mold design, our expert and the fast-acting team only need a week or so.

3. Rapid prototyping

This is the most exciting part of the process! With the mold successfully created and perfected according to your needs, we can start producing the prototype. A first product is the first physical representation of your target silicone product which clarifies what needs to be improved and what is perfect as it is. We provide rapid prototyping so our clients can get their product in hand as quickly as possible. This allows for quick and accurate decision-making. We’ll make the changes we need to perfect the products

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