Silicone Product Manufacturing Process

Silicone is a highly versatile material used in various components, including gaskets, tubing, and other sealing hardware. The material is valued for its biocompatibility, flexibility, and temperature resistance.

As one of the most reliable and well-reputed silicone molding companies, we provide the finest quality products for large and small businesses. We possess a dedicated team of professionals having years of experience in OEM and silicone product manufacturing. Our comprehensive range of specialized services encompasses different stages of customized silicon products. From evaluation to estimation, molding, designing, and packaging, we handle everything with unparalleled efficiency.

With our years of knowledge in the silicon product manufacturing process, you’re sure to make your unique ideas tangible returns on investment at unbeatable prices.

seehope silicone product evaluation

1. Product Evaluation

After receiving information about your product’s CAD drawings, requirements and applications, our team will evaluate them to ensure that you need a product that matches our skills. We will analyze the drawings and related requirements together to provide you with an appropriate solution with excellent quality and performance. In this evaluation process, we assess the manufacturability of the design and the applicability of the finished product to ensure that it follows the relevant standards. Our evaluation process guarantees the success of the product in terms of quality and a cost savings.
silicone product cost estimate

2. Cost Estimate

After evaluating your new product idea/concept, we will give you a preliminary cost estimation within a few hours. Transparency is our core value, which is why we aim to provide our customers with accurate and unbiased cost estimations. This estimation will help you determine your product’s budget and manage new resources.

The purpose of our estimation process is to give you accurate information about the related project cost. It also gives you value-aided options to minimize your expenses. We include all direct and indirect costs, such as labor, material and equipment, and packaging expenses, before giving our customer a cost estimation.

silicone product problem solving

3. Problem-Solving

We use a problem-solving approach to manufacture bulk silicon products without compromising quality. Our engineers consult with your team and use a solution-based process and collection of proven methods to design your product in a user-centric way. Our solution-based ideology helps us develop unique brainstorming ideas and adopt hands-on prototyping and product testing approaches.

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4. Material Selection

The ultimate performance and cost of manufactured products will directly depend on their material specifications. Selecting a costlier or inappropriate material can result in a waste of money and cause catastrophic consequences. Our team has expertise in various silicon materials, such as high-consistency rubber and liquid silicon.

We help you choose the suitable silicon material for your product to elevate its performance and quality. We will assist you in choosing qualified special agents to enhance the features and optimal performance of your selected silicon material. We aim to help you choose the suitable material and color to make a lasting impression with vivid silicon products.

silicone rubber keypad mold making

5. Mold Making

Once you have selected the material and color for your projects, the next step is process your mold. Our top-excelling mold-making partners will develop accurate molds to build prototypes. We use advanced techniques to ensure to manufacture precise metal molds. The purpose of mold-making is to assist you in understanding the characteristics of your silicon product.

Our precise mold-making process helps you shorten the product development cycle and save the project’s initial cost. We can take six to eight weeks to construct your product’s mold, but the mold costs should be paid 50% upfront.

Silicone products dimenstion inspection

6. First Article Approval

After getting a precise product mold, we will manufacture your first product from the first production run of our manufacturing process. First, article approval is more than just a quality control step. Our team performs rigorous tests to ensure your product meets all safety, durability, performance, and regulatory standards.

We will compare our first article with the specifications provided by our customers. If anything goes in the wrong direction, it will be addressed immediately. After getting the first article approval, we will confidently move into full-scale production, ensuring you will get a product that meets all the standards.

7. Production

Combining suitable silicon materials with a reliable production process results in the finest quality products. We have a dedicated team to design vivid silicon products that can last longer and leave a powerful impression on your target audience. We have all the resources and capability to complete even complex projects efficiently.

We are responsive and accustomed to strict schedules. You’re to get your products on the scheduled date. With our minimum order requirements, we can meet your customized silicon product manufacturing needs with higher precision.

seehope silicone

8. Secondary Operations and Assembly

We are a one-stop-shop that helps you eliminate the hassle of docking multiple suppliers. After completing full-scale production, we perform several in-house secondary operations to ensure your silicon products’ optimal performance and durability. Our solution-oriented in-house secondary operations include die-cutting, ultrasonic welding, application of special agents and adhesives, and assembly. Our team can also print logos on demand to improve your brand’s influence.

silicone product quality inspection

9. Quality Inspection

Once the final products are complete, our team implements yet another quality inspection. During this examination, we’re ensuring the devices live up to their design specifications in terms of dimension, wear resistance, hardness, durability, and more. We want to be certain that our clients get precisely what they ordered. Each product s inspected, not just a few from the batch, making this one of the most thorough inspections in the industry.

sourcing logistics from China

10. Packaging and Shipping

We will ensure that our manufactured products meet your expectations before they leave the factory. After a thorough inspection, your products will be packaged safely. Your products will arrive safely with our customizable packaging solutions and fast shipping services. We ship our orders to individual customers and retail stores. You can use our responsive and comprehensive support if any issue arises.

If you need customized silicon product manufacturing services, rely only on our professional-class process. Our team has the capacity and resources to bring your ideas to life!

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