Seehope is a custom mold and design expert, with rich experience and knowledge in running silicone rubber materials, also with excellent molding skill, Seehope helps customer to well organize their product design, tooling and manufacturing that consistently meets customer’s standards in fast cycle, economic investment..etc. The goal of Seehope is to deliver best levels of customer satisfaction, lower production costs and best profits.

CNC Fabrication, CNC Machining, Tooling and Milling :
Programming – Once customers have accepted the 3D model and no more revisions are needed, our engineer will start their programming, including mold layout and structure design. The 3D model is for product design, programming is to make the product design work out through metal tool mold. It is vital for future mass production of silicone molding because a well-programmed tool mold will increase production efficiency and lower the reject ratio.

Mold Material selection – Based on customers’ requirements on silicone parts quality standard, timeline and project budget we will choose mold steel accordingly.

Tooling & Milling – CNC milling and EDM machining bring your CAD drawing into the physical world.

Tool surface treatment – We offer tools mold surface treatment such as Matt polishing, Glossy finishing and Texturing.

silicone product mold maker tool CNC machining

Seehope has rich experience in customized mold making. With our molding making service, we can provide the high quality customized mold for customers. To find out how we can help with mold making, please contact Seehope for further information

silicone cup mold

Silicone Cup

silicone keypad mold

Silicone Rubber Keypad

Airpods protective case mold

Airpods Case

smart watch band mold

Watch Band

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