As a reputed organization dealing in the manufacturing and exporting process of Silicon Products.We are privileged in presenting our clients a huge range of swim products such as silicone swim Caps,silicone ear plugs,silicone nose clip,silicone diving slippers / fins and silicone goggle.Designed precisely,by keeping in mind, customer satisfaction factor, these product is made from premium quality material. The raw material are sourced from a recognized vendor dealing in this field.These products are effectively tested before it is launched to market.


  • Water repellent
  • UV resistance
  • Elastic
  • Reliable
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low chemical reactivity
  • Low toxicity


Located in Shenzhen, China, Seehope has been manufacturing silicone products since 2008. Main product including electronic components, mobile parts, mechanical parts, sporting parts, medical parts, industrial rubber feet, etc.

RoHS, REACH, FDA, UL fire rating certified silicone products and parts with silicone compression molding technologies. Vacuum compression molding to produce silicone gasket, seal, grommet, silicone keypad or a small amount of silicone products, etc.

Seehope has been offering in-house high-quality silicone products and parts, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, Seehope ensures each customer’s demands are met.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services and products.


silicone swim cap for adults
Adult Swimming Cap
silicone swim cap for kids
Kid Swimming Cap
silicone training swimming fins
Silicone Diving Flippers
silicone swim ear plugs
Swimming Ear Plugs
silicone swim nose clip
Swimming Nose Clip
silicone swim ear plug with cord
Silicone Swim Earplug With Cord