Protective Case / Silicone cover / Silicone Sleeve

All kinds of portable products such as Bluetooth sound box, handheld GPS and so on. They chose silicone casings without exception. The properties of cushioning, dustproof, waterproof, and anti-falling are the best choice for the shell of portable products. Our team has the experience for a number of well-known brands including design review, mold design, problem solving, production and delivery. The key words of these products are as follows.


Burr is less than 0.2mm, and the special product has burr after grinding.
-ASSAB 718 is selected for molding tool, and the surface discharge effect is to 1A;
-Polishing sequence: 180# to 240# to 320# to 400# to 600#;
-Sandpaper semi finish: 400# to 600# to 800# to 1 000#;
-Fiber oil stone polishing: fiber oil stone: 200# (black) 400# (blue) to promote (white);
Finally, the mold surface is clean and sprayed with resin sand. So the mold surface is smooth, uniform.

Projets We Produced

  • Puma Soundchuck Bluetooth Speaker.
  • JBL flip2/3 portable bluetooth speaker.
  • Bose Soundlink Bluetooth sound box.
  • Philips bluetooth speaker sbt30 & sbm110.
  • Lenovo bluetooth speaker BT410.


Here we show some of projects we have manufactured. Please contact us to find out how we can help develop silicone sleeves / protective cases or give us the opportunity to quote for your manufactured products without any obligation.
custom silicone sleeve cover
Puma Bluetooth Speaker
custom silicone sleeve cover
Lenovo Bluetooth Speaker
custom silicone sleeve cover case
Philips Bluetooth Speaker
silicone rubber protective case cover for Airpods gen 1 2
For Airpods Gen 1 & 2
silicone rubber protective case cover for Airpods Pro
For Airpods Pro
silicone protective case rubber sleeve for Airpods Max
For Airpods Max