Seehope is a professional manufacturer for Silicone Products Molding in Shenzhen,China. Its parent company Simcone Technology has been molding silicone rubber products since 2008 and certified ISO9001:2008 in 2014. Our molding service includes silicone compression molding, silicone injection molding, silicone color matching, silicone material compounding etc.

We produce silicone products and components for consumers, electronics, medicine, industry etc. We provide product design checking,mold and molding product cost quotation and full technical engineering support.

Whether your product requires medical-grade silicone such as a menstrual cup or you want the quality and a SGS verified manufacturer, Seehope is able to assist you in during the product development process and mass-production.

We will provide a suitable silicone compression molding solution for your product with a cost effective and fast cycle, Get in touch to learn more and order your custom silicone rubber products.

Here we show some of the silicone products we have molded.