Silicone household items kitchenware products

Silicones are a diverse family of specialty, high-performance materials that includes reactive silanes, silicone fluids, and silicone polymers, which are widely used in a variety of consumer and industrial products. These materials provide essential benefits in key segments of our economy, including health care, aerospace, personal care, electronics, transportation, and construction.

Uses & Benefits for silicone household items

Silicones impart a number of benefits to the products in which they are used, including enhanced flexibility and moisture, heat, cold, and ultraviolet radiation resistance. Silicones can be manufactured in many forms, including solids, liquids, semi-viscous pastes, greases, oils, and rubber.

What silicone household items we can produce?

  • Silicone Ice Cube Tray
  • Silicone Bag
  • Silicone Mat
  • Silicone Storage / Container
  • Silicone Cleaning Brush
  • Other Silicone Kitchen Utensils


Silicone Food Bag
Silicone Food Bag
Silicone ice cube tray
Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Silicone Cake Mold
Silicone Cake Mold
silicone bottle cleaning brush
Silicone Bottle Cleaning Brush
silicone kitchen cooking utensil set
Silicone Cooking Utensil Set
silicone collapsible storage
Silicone Collapsible Storage