Frankly speaking,Even though we’ve been in this business more than 10 years,we cannot say that we have produced or able to manufacture all types of silicone products.But we can say it with confidence that we have established a good relationship with various partners and clients in related industries.

Therefore, we are able to find the suitable source according to customer’s requirements in a short time. The important is our marketing dept. always get the latest information from the market. In this way, we can reduce purchasing time, provide the final project quickly with high quality and competitive price.

As a company with favorable reputation in this field,we have established the sound strategic tie-ups with partners,there is no limited by quantity of order between our cooperation,it means small orders are accepted.

5 tips to guide you when sourcing from China

  • 1.Spend time looking for the right supplier

    A Google, Bing or Yahoo search is the default option for many people seeking to source products from China. You can also go to online sourcing platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources and Made in China, which connect buyers to suppliers in China.

  • 2. Verify suppliers

    Once you shortlist suppliers, you need to verify their credentials. While some obvious information is available online, you need to evaluate.Fitrstly,whether they are indeed the factory and not a middleman.Secondly,whether they have the technical expertise and production capability to deliver what they say they can deliver.

  • 3. Remember that quality is directly proportional to cost

    This brings us two points. One, if you have done your research about the product, the costs of raw material and market, you will have an idea of what this price is. Ideally, do not choose suppliers who offer you a price way below this. Two, purchasers with huge orders (the ideal purchasers from the viewpoint of the supplier) may attempt to beat down their chosen supplier’s price even further.

  • 4. Be clear in communication

    When sourcing in Asia, one must keep in mind that there is a language and culture gap. Though some bigger suppliers are likely to have English-speaking customer support, many of the problems between suppliers and purchasers can be traced back to misunderstandings in communication.

  • 5. Quality control inspections

    While having a good manufacturing agreement is a good way to start your relationship with the supplier, regular quality control inspections are necessary so that you can ensure the quality of your product is up to your standards.

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