The spraying process is often applied in silicone products, which can change the color and light transmission effects of the product according to the design requirements to satisfy market needs. It can also add protective coating onto product surface to achieve dustproof, abrasive resistance and special hand-feel. Common spray coatings are divided into the following categories:

  • Color spray coating – Colored paint spraying coated onto product surface can change the look of the product and achieve the light transmission and shading effect.
  • Clear matt silicone spray coating – this protects the legends from wear and also helps reduce dust attraction to the silicone.
  • Clear matt silicone spray coating with anti-bacterial additive – This is commonly used for products used within medical environments to reduce the spread of bacteria
  • Clear matt PU spray coating – This offers a much harder, smoother feel than the silicone coating and can offer a harder wearing finish.
  • Parylene coating – Many of silicone keypads supplied to the Defence Industry have Parylene coatings applied, this is an expensive option as the application is a very specialised process and not suited to large volume production, however it does offer excellent chemical resistance.
  • Epoxy Coating – Keypads can have a clear resin surface finish applied, this is an expensive option but once the resin is cured it is very long lasting.

We paint each silicone component according to individual customer specifications and give each part its own individuality with a special finish.From high gloss to semi-matt, there are no limits to your wishes.

There are three automatic spray painting lines in our workshop,our experts are able to achieve different requirements from clear matt silicone spray coating to color spray painting.All coatings and surface finishes are REACH compliant and,depending on the application.