FBA Prep Services

Since our company invested in silicone consumer products in 2013, we have established cooperative relationships with more and more Amazon sellers. We found that many start-up and small sellers are not as capable as large sellers to rent their own warehouses and build teams. The sellers themselves have to spend a lot of time to arrange packaging, labeling, quality inspection, logistics, etc., so they do not have enough Energy and time to operate the store, which seriously affects the sales and listing quality of the store.

In order to make customers to devote their main time to store operations, our company expanded the warehouse area and formed a dedicated team to provide FBA PREP SERVICE for small and medium-sized sellers. The purpose of providing this service is to assist small and medium-sized sellers to invest more time, energy and funds to promote our products, increase sales and profit, and grow together. Nowadays, more and more customers choose our service, and we have also witnessed many small sellers turning into big sellers.

  • Packing

    We can create new package for your product, like layout design for a simple carton box, EVA foam to protect the items in the box, etc.

  • Labeling

    Seehope is able to add correct labels and barcodes to your products. We can help to design the labels, print the labels and add it to your products. Our warehouse is ready to receive your goods, add the correct labels/barcodes and ship it to your destination.

  • FBA Shipping

    We can ship your products to Amazon warehouses in US or UK, 3rd party warehouses or your own warehouse.

Dropshipping Services

Since we started producing silicone consumer goods in 2013, gradually, there are customers ask us to provide dropshipping service. In order to meet the needs for the market,Seehope decided to establish a dedicated team to serve customers who need dropshipping service.Meanwhile,we expanded our warehouse area as well as inventory.Due to our excellent service and high quality products,more and more customers reach us,many of our customers not only ask us to provide dropshipping service of silicone products,but also require us to source and dropshipping other categories of products.

  • 1 vs 1 Support Team

    When dealing with us, you will get one on one support team. You don’t need to contact multiple support teams for different vendors. Silicone Technology will handle your requirements and manage deliveries.This makes it easier for you since you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors at a time. It can create ambiguity in your orders and can delay your deliveries.

  • Quality Inspection

    Another element of concern is the quality of the products,Seehope has established a full functional quality assurance system. All the employees are strictly following SOP and well equipped testing devices for quality assurance.

  • Enough Stock

    We have enough stock for most of silicone products like smartwatch bands,protective cases,household items,sport & outdoor products to ensure we can fulfill and ship out your products within 24 hours.

  • Private label & White Label

    You don’t need to source private label and white label products on your own. Seehope will help you get the products you need.After the requirement is given, we will locate the best options available. We will negotiate terms and prices as well as the labeling of the products. In this way, your resources can be saved.

  • Free Product Sourcing Service

    The primary benefit that Seehope gives is improving your product sourcing for your dropshipping services for free. You don’t need to look for products from different suppliers.We will take care of the product sourcing for you. Moreover, our experience in the market will also help you locate products faster than doing it yourself.

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