When the customer has a complete idea of the silicone rubber product and converts it into a 3D drawing, we can begin to discuss it closely with the customer and assist in the design. We must have a clear understanding of the product design concept and the customer’s design objectives in order to provide professional advice on material selection. For example, silicone products for industrial or sports applications often require high frequency use or are subject to external impact friction, so the silicone needs to be flexible and abrasion resistant.

Once the product design of the drawing is confirmed, the sample mold will be developed first, and a small amount of samples will be made for customers to confirm. Some customers want to skip the sample mold developing because it is only used for testing. We strongly recommend that the customer develop the sample mold for verification. This step is important for the customer; it can assist customers to understand the characteristics and functionality of the product, which can save time and costs to adjust to detail. We can provide test data for customers to verify the design such as tensile test and abrasion test. According to the complex of mold, the developing time of mass production molds is about 20 to 30 days. After the production of molds is completed, the first sample of production will provide to confirm for customers.

Seehope can assist you in every stage of development and production of your consumer idea. From the initial concept, our design team will help you with the best silicone formula based on your needs, to the recommended tool design to create little to no waste and ensure a quality product every time. We also offer finishing services, so your product can leave our warehouse ready to go directly to the store or e-comm website.

Get ready to started? please contact us now, our skilled designers and manufacturing engineers will help you with the design by getting involved in the early stages of silicone products development.

Case Study

Here we show some of silicone rubber products we have designed.
silicone watch band design
Watch Band
silicone keypad design
Silicone Rubber Keypad
silicone protective case cover sleeve design
Silicone Sleeve
silicone rubber design
Silicone Rubber Part
silicone parts in consumer electronics
Electronics Accessories
silicone swimming products design
Swimming product